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We provide quality, timeliness, and cost effective services while also giving the best experience to our clients.


The eyes are the windows to the soul, we can enhance your eyes with lash services. Everything from lash extensions, lash tint, lash lifts and lash extension removal. 

Cosmetic Tattoo

We understand that makeup application takes time, with tattooing we can eliminate some time lost which can be allocated elsewhere. We provide cosmetic tattooing with lips and eyebrows.

"We strive for the best experience for our clients and ensure customer service is priority."
Demure Beauty Bar

Different is Beautiful

We are a team of dedicated professionals here to help our clients put their best ‘face’ forward using our exceptional services.

Our Testimonials

I forgot to take pics last night LOL I left in a rush. So this is from waking up this morn, thanks to you I wake up pretty LOLOL.


Thanks to @demure.chanel for microblading my eyebrows and tattooing my lips. Now I just throw on mascara and start my day! I am so happy with my result! CHECK OUT HER PAGE! @demure.chanel


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